The Messenger – Summer 2020

New Year’s Resolutions in ChurchWhat the DeuceSpike MilliganAnnual General MeetingPeople’s WardenA Beginner’s Guide to the History of the BibleGenealogy New Year’s Resolutions in Church People often make New Year’s Resolutions, …

The Messenger – Spring 2019

Bishop Jim’s Medical Retirement, Bringing People Together, From our Priest in Charge, Twins, Church Finances, Church Giving, Report of Auckland’s 56th Synod, Poster found in a Church in France

The Messenger – Spring 2018

Surprise, Surprise, The Auckland Diocese Department of Archives, Language in Our Church Services, Two prayers and three hymns – a few of my favourite things, From our Priest in Charge, Report on the 55th Synod of the Diocese of Auckland 6 to 8 September 2018, Services at Christmas

The Messenger – Autumn 2018

Of History, Suicide, Drunkenness, Dreams, Prayer, Redemption and Triumphs of the Spirit, God the Creator, Monarchs have an ordinary side too, The Queen’s sailor, Where the mighty meet, SANCTORUM COMMUNIO

The Messenger – Winter 2018

My affair with railways, Anzac Day, When sacred spaces disappear, Wanted: A small-sized chest freezer, A Brief History of the English Language, True or False?, My Dad