The historic St. Thomas burial ground is one of Auckland’s earliest. The first burial, of Dame Annie White, on 16 October 1845, was conducted by George Augustus Selwyn, first Bishop of New Zealand.

It is interesting to note from the old register that some 103 burials are recorded. The burial ground is still open, having never been filled, as most old cemeteries now are. Some memorials were removed in the 1950’s to the side of the old burial ground.

Burial registers record the deaths of early settlers and Maori, young and old. Many of the early deaths were of babies and young adults.

Some of the deaths in the early part of the last century would have been during the great influenze epidemic. It is suspected that the drop in burials as the years drew on was the fact that the church buildings on the site had become neglected and was in ruins. The last recorded burial was in 1983

New memorial gardens

Dedicated by Archdeacon David Steele Vicar of St Thomas Tamaki on St Thomas Day, 21 December 2003.

The Memorial Gardens marks the site of the historic burial ground.

Tamaki’s new memorial garden has been established for the interment of ashes or memorials without ashes for those who wish to have their loved ones interred in consecrated ground.

An invitation to visit the Memorial Garden is extended to all interested persons. Entry to the site is from the car park in the Church grounds.

Rest Eternal grant unto them, O Lord, and let Light Perpetual shine on them