Tony Poole

Tony Poole

Tony is a relative newcomer to the Parish, having arrived about three years ago. For much of that three years he has edited and contributed to the Parish Magazine, and trained a team of Liturgists and Prayer Leaders – tasks he still continues to fulfill. He became Bishop’s Warden at the beginning of this year.

Normally, a parish has a Vicar’s Warden; however, because we cannot afford a full-time vicar, our parish is technically under the direct control of the Bishop, so the person who would otherwise be known as the Vicar’s Warden is instead known as the Bishop’s Warden.

Retired now, during his working life he was successively a teacher and author of books on accounting and economics, a secondary school inspector, and Executive Officer to the Rangitoto College Board of Trustees.

He says:

“There is a daunting task ahead of us, restoring the finances of this Parish; a task in which every Parishioner has a part to play. I pray that God will help us achieve it, to his glory.”