Richard Prothereo was the first organist and choir director. Under his guidance a high standard of music was achieved and the choir was affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music. The choir sang both Song Eucharist and Evensong each Sunday.

David Tattersall followed, and in addition to maintaining high choral standards, spent time teaching the children. He specialised in the Kodaly method of music instruction which benefited many young people in the Parrish.

The next incumbent was Chris Hainsworth, music master at Dilworth, who, on special occasions, instructed pupils from that school to augment the choir.

His successor was the late Bob Pether who possessed a diversity of musical talents.

He was followed by Geoffrey Skerrett and then Mary Edwards. During this period the choir sang at several carols by candlelight services, as well as singing Evensong at other churches and in all RSCM and combined choirs festivals.

At the 1993 combination choirs festivals in which 30 choirs participated it was noted that the first festival was held at St Thomas’ when only 4 choirs sang under Geoffrey’s direction. In 1994, some members of the choir sung in the festival concert celebrating 60 years of RSCM affiliation in New Zealand.

The choir continued under the leadership of Neville Dench.

The choir is currently in recess, but it is hoped that it can be relaunched once the Covid 19 pandemic receeds.