In 1966, the first meeting was held of a proposed Anglican Women’s Association of St. Thomas. Its membership was to be all embracing ‘for all Anglican women’. A Sanctuary Guild was formed and members were encouraged to participate in all aspects of Parish service.

It was decided that the older women were no longer interested in the same subjects as Young Wives – evening meetings would cater for those with young families.

The Young Wives were a very lively group with wide interests and included former St. Philips parishioners. One of their group attended all committee meetings of A.W.A. A Diocesan weekend school at Orewa was well attended by St. Thomas’ Young Wives, who also helped to organize revues, fashion shows, dinners etc. Two plays were produced by Peter Morgan “Christmas Spirit’, a comedy, and “Noah” with Terry Barton playing Noah, Paula Hammond as Mrs Noah and Duncan Bamfield as one of the sons. Women of the Parish were involved in both.

Sadly the numbers dwindled and the groups ceased to function. However, a Women’s Fellowship has begun again under the leadership of Joan Osborne.